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Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday: 10-5

Thursday: 10-8

Saturday: 10-4

CLOSED Sunday and Monday



And by special appointment:

We love to work one-on-one with our customers to help them create the jewelry of their dreams. Email us to make your appointment today: jewelers@jewelersworkshop.com

301 N Sherman Ave,

Madison, WI 53704

Need A Job?


Jewelers Workshop is not currently hiring.  If we were, we would be looking for people with a passion for awesome jewelry; someone who is a gemologist with an eye for color so fine tuned they can see infrared, a metal smith with mad bench skills able to bend 30 feet of gold wire into a perfect circle, a gem setter with enough cool confidence to successfully reset the Hope diamond in five minutes between other projects, a designer capable of creating the ideal engagement ring for a couple by simply looking at the twinkle in her eye, a CAD artist able to turn a series of triangles into the most stunning jewelry ever imagined or someone with a strong desire to acquire such skills.

Jason is always willing to grant half hour long informational interviews and talk about the workshop with people who want to get into the industry or are curious about the workshop’s unique place in it.


The Workshop is a great place to work.  There are few fine jewelry stores where you can work on fine jewelry, be creative and challenged.  But we’re pretty small and can’t hire every awesome jeweler out there.  When we get back to that point where we are adding benches or microscopes or CAD laptops, we will want to talk to the best (or best potential) jewelers in the mid-west.