Meet the Team

Your Trusted Jewelers



Jackie came to us in the late 90s.

She has her B.A. in Fine Arts and graduated from the Howard Academy of the Metal Arts.

Jackie likes to incorporate vintage, organic, and filigree elements

into her work.

Her titanium is incredibly unique and admired by jewelers around the country.


Jason joined the Workshop in 2009, became a partner in 2011 and purchased it from Richard in 2014.

Jason specializes in computer aided design (CAD) and is working his way through his Graduate Gemologist degree at the Gem Institute of America.


Johnny has been our go-to jeweler for stubborn repairs for over 30 years. He helped finish the woodwork in our State Street store, and since then he has developed into a precise craftsman and expert gem setter.  After growing up in Middleton on a dairy farm, Johnny spent years traveling  through  India, Nepal, Tahiti, Thailand, Senegal and Afghanistan.



Rab is also part of the original crew from State Street. Rab’s role at Jewelers Workshop is wide-spread. If he is not working on the shop’s castings or carving a wax at his bench, he’s designing on the floor or working on a customer’s appraisal. You’ll find Rab’s designs  intricate, stylized, and very detailed.


Richard founded and owned Jewelers Workshop for over 45 years.

He dropped out of grad school to make hand made jewelry for a living. A move we are all grateful he made. We don't see him around here much anymore. He spends most of his time in Door Co. where he gardens a lot.


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