Meet the Team

These are the most talented people in the industry. They are honestly and truly world class artists, craftspeople and jewelry professionals. Real jewelers get their fingers dirty while polishing rings. So forgive us when we wear magnification visors and leather aprons onto the sales floor, have Band-Aids on our fingers or are sporting some strange resin splashed on our shirts. Our goal is never to have the best jewelry sales force, our goal is to make the best jewelry. -Jason



Owner/CAD Designer/Head Peon

Let's see, I am the owner. My main job is assembling a team of passionate artists and artisans that will make Jewelers Workshop the best custom jewelry store in Wisconsin, the Midwest, and then the country. It may take some time (at least the last part). 

I am a decent CAD designer and I know my gemstones really well. 




Jackie came to us in the late 90s.


She is one of the best in the world at what she does. I should say more, but really what more is there to say? Her titanium work is especially unique, and recognized as revolutionary by jewelers around the country.



Shop Manager/Repair Specialist

Johnny has kind of been the heart and soul of the shop for nearly 40 years. He was supposed to retire a couple of years ago, but is still hanging out with us because he doesn't have anything better to do during COVID. We also pay for his company, so I imagine that helps.


At work, he handles the repairs and tolerates Robert's control of the shop juke box. 




Rab is the Swiss Army Knife of jewelers. The dude can do most anything, but spends most of his time appraising, designing, and wax carving. I have had other jewelers from around the city say that he is arguably the best traditional wax carver in the city. I haven't told him that. I will wait for you guys to let him know. 



Robert joined us in 2019 from the finest jewelry school in existence at the moment, New Approach School for Jewelers. He kind of fits into the Workshop too well. He is a lovable ex-collegiate wrestler/deadhead whose jewelry skills are improving every day.




Richard is not only the founder of Jewelers Workshop, but is also my father- in-law. He has only been to the new place once, but totally approves.


Being the man who started it all, a lot of folks who know us from back in the day ask about him. He is doing well.



Sales Floor Manager/Sales

Linda has managed our sales floor for all of the 21st century. I am never going to claim that the workshop is a perfectly oiled machine., but she finds a way to make it look like it is. She scours the world to find us the perfect gemstones and somehow keeps things running smoothly enough. 


Lisa Anne

Hostess with the Mostest

Lisa Anne sets the vibe in the front of the house. We want this place to feel incredibly welcoming. Lisa Anne does that exremely well. She joined us some time around 2006.



Office Manager

Lori... most of you will never meet Lori. She has been with us forever as our office manager. We stick her in the basement, which back on State St was more of a dungeon. She does a heck of a job of keeping my vendor's payable sheet empty. If for whatever reason you think we owe you money email her, not me. I pay really good people to take care of these things so I don't have to think about them. 



Sales /Pearl Stringer

Marcia... I am going to have to check how long Marcia has been with us. She has basically been working one or two days a week here forever, because she absolutely loves colored gemstones. Her day job was working as a professor at the UW vet school. I keep her busy with pearl stringings while she is working remotely during Covid, 



CAD Designer

The new guy

Before we get to Michael, have you noticed the thing with the names? It is a little strange! Js, Ls and Ms.


Anyway back to Michael. He was recently recruited from Georgia by way of Louisiana. Michael is here to make the rest of us raise our game. He dresses better than the rest of us. He is an amazing artist and has a great sense of design. In the coming months you may notice subtle changes as Michaels influence starts being  felt. 


Gunter "Hank"

Jeweler/New Guy 

Hank joined us in mid-Feb 2021. He is a local, coming from Monona. He just got back from his intro training at New Approach and is working his way into a full time position at the Workshop. When not here, he plays paintball.