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Top 10 most common jewelry repairs
1. Ring Resizing 


We do 100s of ring resizings each year. Most of the time you can not "stretch" a ring. We make a cut in the back of the ring and either add in a little more metal to make it larger or take out a little to make it smaller. We have two state of the art laser welders which means we can size platinum rings and titanium rings made at Jewelers Workshop. Silver rings take as much if not more effort to size as gold rings, so the labor cost is the same. Most alternative metal rings can not be resized. 


2. Prong Retipping

Our hands take a lot of abuse every day. So do the little pieces of metal that our holding our gemstones in place. We see many diamonds being held by prongs that have worn down over time, prongs that are literally paper thin (0.05mm to 0.10mm). I have measured many prongs in my day

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