Hand Engraved Designs for Your Jewelry

What is Hand Engraving?

When engraving, jewelers use a steel or carbide graver to etch textures or designs into precious metal. It is typically the last step in the design process. Engraving is a different procedure than jewelry casting, though sometimes casted jewelry can be touched up and enhanced with hand engravings.
It takes years of experience and plenty of skill to master the art of engraving. For the detailed precision that defines your fine jewelry, our expert jewelers work through microscopes to hand cut every line, resulting in perfect design every time.

Imagine What's Possible

Hand engraved jewelry is a perfect opportunity to use your imagination and create something you'll love for a lifetime.

  • Scroll Add a scroll pattern to your jewelry
  • Floral Have your favorite floral design etched into your precious metal jewelry.
  • Multi-Row Create a design with multiple rows of different patterns.
  • Rustic Give your design a rustic engraved look.
  • Motifs Have a single or repeating motif engraved into your fine jewelry.
  • Textures Add textures to your casted jewelry.

Get Hand Engraving Services for Your Jewelry at Jewelers Workshop

Engraving is typically the last step in the jewelry design process. Whether you're incorporating hand engraving into a custom design or personalizing a piece of jewelry, you'll love the personal touch and artistry engraving adds to your fine jewelry. If you're looking for hand engraving near Madison, WI, be sure to set up an appointment with us today.

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