Jewelry Design Process

Step One

Bring us your ideas! People often come to us with little sparks of inspiration, or with semi-formed designs that are almost–but not quite–right. Our designers will sit with you, talk through your ideas, and start the process of turning them into jewelry.

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Step Two

We translate those ideas into 2D renderings, either with pencil and paper or on a computer screen. We’ll also help you choose your own gemstones from our vast collection. Once you’re happy with the blueprint, our master custom jewelers will take it from there.

Step Three

We’ll create a resin or wax model first. You can try it on, see it in scale, and make any final edits before we finalize the piece.

Step Four

Pick up your custom piece!

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A note on timing: We try to be as efficient as possible without sacrificing quality. In the meantime, we'll always keep you posted on how it's coming along. Once we have the design, it usually takes less than a month to build most jewelry.