Add Filigree Design to Your Custom Jewelry

Filigree designs are created by expert hands interweaving metal wires into delicate, lace-like patterns. Filigree jewelry dates back thousands of years, but reached peak popularity in the Art Deco period. This classic charm makes it a great choice for vintage style engagement rings and wedding bands, but it will enhance any piece of jewelry.

Consider both pattern and metal when planning your filigree design. Common filigree patterns include floral, Celtic, and vine designs. Be sure to choose a metal compatible with soldering and fine wire detailing. Platinum, silver and gold filigree are particularly popular. Regardless of which you choose, adding a filigree design to your custom jewelry piece will give it a vintage and elegant appearance.

Everyone wants their jewelry to be unique and personal. The care and attention put into each filigree design will earn these pieces a special place in your heart. If you’re hoping to elevate your custom jewelry, consider mentioning filigree patterns to your custom design consultant.

Add a Special Touch to Your Custom Jewelry with Filigree

Our jewelers have mastered the art of filigree design and are ready to craft a perfect pattern for your fine jewelry. If you want to include filigree detail work in your custom jewelry, turn to the experts at Jeweler's Workshop. Book your custom appointment today to get started.

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