Lab Grown Diamonds

Lab Grown Diamonds for Your Jewelry

The diamond industry is changing, and lab created diamonds are an innovation we're especially excited about. The name 'lab grown diamonds' doesn't conjure up the most romantic image, we can assure you that lab grown diamonds are as real and as brilliant as mined diamonds.

Lab Grown Diamonds vs. Real Diamonds

The phrase 'real diamond' is a bit misleading, since lab grown diamonds have the exact same chemical composition as natural diamonds. As their name implies, lab grown diamonds are created in a lab using superheated carbon gas and pressure chambers.

These man-made diamonds are pure carbon just like natural diamonds, except they haven't taken billions of years to form. Lab created diamonds also have the advantages of being less expensive and more environmentally conscious than mined diamonds.

Choosing a Lab Created Diamond

They're identical in every other way, so it stands to reason that lab created diamonds are judged by the same metric as natural diamonds. Lab grown diamonds are graded based on clarity, cut, color, and carat weight (a.k.a the 4 Cs). Be sure to take all of these factors into account when choosing a lab grown diamond.

The forces of nature take a toll on mined diamonds, so it takes an enormous amount of work to find high quality natural diamonds. On the other hand, synthetic diamonds can be precisely engineered to fit the most stringent standards. This makes them significantly less expensive than high quality natural diamonds. If you're hoping to purchase impressive diamonds without breaking the bank, consider buying a lab grown diamond.

Find Lab Created Diamond of Your Dreams

Lab diamonds are a great way to get a gorgeous gemstone within your price range. We have a wide variety of diamonds for you to choose from for your diamond engagement ring or custom jewelry design. If you're ready to add a lab created diamond to your collection, visit Jewelers Workshop in Madison today!