Jewelry Metals for Your Design

The composition of your metal jewelry has a great impact on its appearance and feel. It deserves special consideration if you are sensitive to metals. The ideal metal will enhance your chosen gemstones, fit comfortably, and bring out the best in your design.

Choose From Our Most Popular Metals

The talented designers at Jeweler's Workshop have experience working with a variety of precious metals. Below, get the scoop on some of the most popular base metals we offer when designing your custom piece in-shop.

Platinum Jewelry

Platinum is a durable and beautiful metal option for your jewelry design. The purity of platinum makes it an attractive hypoallergenic alternative for wearers sensitive to gold or silver. Its strength makes it ideal for designs that require precise detailing, including filigree patterns and hand engraving. As a representation of love's innocence and purity, platinum is also a popular choice for bridal jewelry.

Palladium Jewelry

Though it doesn't carry the name recognition of gold or silver, palladium is a high-luster metal with a reputation for resilience. Brighter than platinum, palladium adds a striking, long-lasting shine to any jewelry. If you are looking for metal jewelry with longevity, palladium is scratch-resistant and withstands everyday wear-and-tear.

Yellow Gold

You may be surprised to learn that, on its own, gold is malleable and appears brassy. The gold used in jewelry is blended with other precious metals to create an alloy. Yellow gold is created by mixing gold with white base metals like silver, nickel or zinc. The result is a beautiful and sturdy metal for your fine jewelry. Whether your custom jewelry is meant for frequent wear or a special occasion, yellow gold is the classic option.

White Gold

Originally created to emulate platinum, white gold has become a popular jewelry metal in its own right. Bright precious metals like nickel or palladium are combined with traditional yellow gold to create attractive white gold. With care and occasional upkeep, it will retain its luster for a lifetime.

Rose Gold

Rose gold first became popular in the early 20th Century, and has maintained its vintage appeal ever since. Yellow gold, silver and copper are blended to create beautiful hues.
The exact tint of rose gold jewelry ranges from coppery red gold to champagne pink gold. It all depends on the percentage of each metal mixed into the alloy. The blend of silver and copper also lends rose gold some extra durability. It is a stunning choice with the added benefit of practicality.

Pick the Perfect Precious Metal for Your Custom Design

Choosing the right jewelry metal may feel daunting, but at Jewelers Workshop, you won't be alone in the custom design process. Our master jewelers will help you select the best precious metal for your custom piece.  Book your appointment at Jewelers Workshop today and a new custom jewelry design will be on its way soon.

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