Jewelry Settings for Your Custom Design

Simply put, jewelry settings hold in place whichever gemstones you use in your design. They also have a significant impact on the aesthetic and feel of your piece. The ideal jewelry setting will amplify the radiance of your gemstones, feel comfortable against your skin, and contribute to an overall high quality piece. Take a moment to learn more about--and get inspired by--some of the most common gemstone settings.

Prong Setting

Prong settings hold gemstones into place with multiple metal prongs. This is the most common type of stone setting. It is designed to reduce the amount of metal needed to hold a gemstone in place. This allows more light to pass through the gemstone and accentuates its brilliance. If you're hoping to draw attention to a particular stone, this is an excellent choice. Keep in mind that your prongs will require occasional upkeep to continue securely holding your stone in place.

Bezel Setting

Bezel settings encase the sides of your gemstone, so that your gem sits in what's referred to as a bezel cup. Often associated with vintage jewelry, the bezel setting is resurging in popularity. Its streamlined features are not only attractive, but are also less likely to snag on your sweaters. Smooth and highly protective of the gemstone, the bezel setting is great for a wearer with an active lifestyle. The only downside to this aesthetically pleasing and practical jewelry setting is that there is less space for light to refract off of your gemstone, so it may not highlight the stone's radiance as much as other settings.

Pavé Setting

Pavé settings are an optimal way to set multiple small gemstones in a jewelry design. Each stone is secured by a miniscule prong setting, fastening rows of diamonds and gemstones while magnifying their brilliance. Pavé settings are frequently featured in modern jewelry design.

Invisible Setting

Invisible settings seamlessly integrate gemstones with the aid of a structure hidden underneath the jewelry. Each stone is secured through a tiny groove at its base. To incorporate multiple stones into an invisible setting, the gemstones are aligned along their flat sides. For that reason, the invisible setting is not compatible with round-cut gemstones. However, if you're looking for a setting for straight-cut stones, the invisible setting creates a captivating illusion of floating gemstones.

Burnish Setting

Often found in modern wedding band designs, burnish settings are a wonderful way to set multiple small gemstones. The gemstones are recessed into metal, so there is less surface area for light to shine through. While this setting may not allow for as much shine, it protects from chipping and scratching, making it a great option for rings, earrings, or any other jewelry you plan to wear often.

Channel Setting

Two narrow metal bars hold gemstones in place to form a channel setting. This style of setting is typically used for ring designs in which stones encircle the entire band. It creates sleek, smooth rows of stones. The metal bars secure the gemstones and guard them from scratching and chipping, creating an optimal jewelry setting for everyday wear.

Micro Pavé Setting

Micro pavé settings are identical to traditional pavé settings apart from the fact that they are, well, micro. Utilized specifically for exceptionally small gemstones which require placement in exceptionally small prongs, micro pavé settings are constructed through a microscope. Due to their delicate and complex nature, micro pavé settings should only be handled by experienced jewelers like those at Jeweler's Workshop.

Illusion Setting

The main purpose of an illusion setting is to enhance the perceived size of the gemstone. It does so by imitating the facets of the central gemstone. If you have a gemstone you're hoping to draw attention to, the illusion setting is a perfect way to do just that.

Choose Your Favorite Jewelry Setting for the Ultimate Shine

Use jewelry setting styles to your advantage to emphasize the brilliance of your selected gemstone. Also, be sure to take into account how active your lifestyle is and how often you plan to wear the jewelry. The master designers at Jeweler's Workshop are always available to answer your questions and offer advice. Book your custom design appointment today!

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