Add a Pattern with Jewelry Casting

While you can add designs to your custom piece with engraving, jewelry casting utilizes models and molds to capture those details within the metal itself. The casting process is great for adding intricate patterns to delicate pieces.

Find Your Inspiration

Feel free to bring in any photo inspiration, sketches, or ideas from the internet, and our jewelry experts will help you turn your initial vision into a design that you're ready to take the next step with. Capture every detail in cast rings, necklaces, and more.

Create a Wax Model

Once you feel confident in the design we’ve teamed up to create, we will craft a wax model. The wax model allows you to see a "draft" of your creation before it’s finished, so we can ensure that your jewelry casting feels right to you. You'll be able to inspect and try on the model to ensure you’ll be just as in love with the finished product, and if you'd like anything changed, we'll make adjustments accordingly.

Form Your Molten Metal

After you’ve been able to interact with your wax model, we’ll turn it into a mold. Then, we will pour molten metal into the mold to create a metal cast of your custom design. Once the precious metal cools into the shape of your jewelry design, we start adding those special features, finishing details, and personal touches.

Create a Piece of Carved Jewelry You'll Love Forever

The jewelry casting process is a fantastic way to create one-of-a-kind fine jewelry. Schedule an appointment and the team at Jewelers Workshop in Madison, WI, will work alongside you to bring your custom design dreams to life!

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