Ring Shank Designs for Your Custom Jewelry

Whether you're designing an engagement ring, a wedding band, or a fashion ring, you'll need to pick out a shank. The shank of the ring is the piece which encircles your finger, and it comes in more styles than you might expect--each with its own distinct style and feel. When selecting a type of ring shank, take into consideration both the design you like best and the comfort of its fit.

Straight Shank

As its name implies, a straight shank is a type of shank which maintains the same width all the way around the ring. The straight shank is designed to fit securely and comfortably against the wearer's skin. Its streamlined elegance would complement any ring, but is perhaps best suited to classic ring designs.

Split Shank

Split shanks are a beautiful and increasingly popular design. The ring diverges as it approaches the center stone, lending the illusion of two separate bands securing the center stone in place. The split shank offers the traditional appeal of a straight shank with a bit of a twist.

Bypass Shank

A bypass shank has two bands, one of which curves around the top of the center stone, and the other of which curves around the bottom. Ultimately, the bands do not align perfectly--a gap between them lends the ring a striking asymmetrical appearance.

Tapered Shank

The aptly named tapered shank narrows as it approaches the setting and center gemstones. The tapered shank's different widths add dimension and allow the ring catch the light beautifully at multiple angles. As an added benefit, it also makes the wearer's finger appear longer.

Cathedral Shank

This type of shank derives its name from the architecture of historic cathedrals. Delicate metal arches rise from the shank to support the center stone. Like their namesakes, cathedral shank rings are beautiful, functional, and classic. The cathedral shank enhances the shape of the center stone, lending an elegant touch to any traditional or modern style ring.

Knife Edge Shank

Knife edge shanks slope inward from both sides of the band, meeting to form a peak which runs along the entirety of the ring. The flat edges form a stunning silhouette which accentuates modern and minimalistic designs. Despite its name, the knife edge shank fits very comfortably, though it may take some time to adjust if you're used to the feel of a flat ring shank.

Pick Your Favorite Ring Shank

When planning your custom design, don't neglect this part of the ring. Your expert custom jeweler at Jeweler's Workshop can help you choose a shank style that is both aesthetically appealing and comfortable.

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