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There's a reason jewelry has been used for millennia to celebrate weddings and special occasions. Sentimental and enduring, it has a unique power to capture moments and memories.

Whether you're proposing, commemorating something or just exploring your artistic side, you've come to the finest shop for custom jewelry in Madison, WI. Between your inspiration and our designers' hard work, we believe that each custom design is a work of art, and you can rest assured we treat them all with the care and attention they deserve.

You bring the idea, and our incredible designers will bring their years of experience. Maybe you want a pendant based on your child's artwork, a nontraditional engagement ring that tells its own love story, or earrings inspired by a favorite flower (believe it or not, we've made all of these-and plenty more). We'll get to work and before you know it, you'll be holding your custom designed creation in your hands.

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Custom Jewelry Design Process

At the Jewelers Workshop, we believe that understanding the design process is part of the experience. We want our customers to be involved as much as possible. We invite you to learn about how our process works


Get Inspired with Custom Gems & Diamonds

At Jewelers Workshop, gemstones are our roots. Whether you're trying to create a unique piece of fine jewelry, an alternative engagement ring, or a set of custom wedding bands, custom gems are a great way to spice up your design. You can pick out your diamonds and gemstones in-store, selecting from a collection of expertly-sourced stones you have to see to believe. On the off chance that you can’t quite find what you’re looking for, we can order them for you. They'll be custom cut and integrated artfully into your piece of personalized jewelry.

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