Restyling with Jeweler’s Workshop

It’s Always A Good Time for a Jewelry Restyle

It’s Always A Good Time for a Jewelry Restyle

At Jeweler’s Workshop we know you love your fine jewelry- even the pieces that don’t quite mesh with your style. It could have been a gift from a loved one, a family heirloom you inherited, or an impulse buy, but now it sits in your jewelry box–unworn, but not unloved.

Restyling old jewelry is the best way to make every piece in your collection perfect for you. Our team of dedicated jewelry designers at Jewelry Workshop have the skills and experience to transform even your most priceless pieces into something that exactly suits your style.

Custom Design Services in Madison, Wisconsin

Custom Design Services in Madison, Wisconsin

As times change so do trends and personal tastes. Don’t just leave jewelry sitting in the back of the safe–upcycle it. Through our jewelry restyling services and custom jewelry design, we can refashion abraded gems, recast gold and set an old stone into a new ring. Jewelers have always done it.

With a skilled jeweler and a bit of imagination there are few limits to what can be done. Here are some project examples:

  • Upsize prominent stones
  • Add formal settings to everyday wear
  • Create something uniquely you
  • Bring new life to long unworn pieces

Get inspired by some of our favorite jewelry redesigns, then book an appointment with us to start your own jewelry journey!