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Jewelry Restoration and Jewelry Repair in Madison, WI

Your Beloved Jewelry, Repaired and Restored

Your Beloved Jewelry, Repaired and Restored

Our hands take a lot of abuse and so does the jewelry we wear on them. Over time, metals wear down, details fade, wedding bands wear against engagement rings and simple repairs are not enough to keep rings beautiful and wearable. We love a challenge and want you to get as much enjoyment out of your jewelry as possible.

The process starts with a conversation. Our jewelry designers will assess the damage to your specific piece of jewelry. Then they will discuss the best way to ensure your jewelry is completely restored. Bring in your beloved item and we will gladly review the restoration process that will best fit your needs.

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Antique and Vintage Jewelry Restoration

Antique and Vintage Jewelry Restoration

To maintain consistent styles, antique jewelry will often require a team with more jewelry experience, attention and skill in order to repair it without doing more damage. Jeweler’s Workshop has a team of master jewelers with years of combined experience. They are fully equipped with the tools needed to perform even the most precise restoration work. We can restore your family heirloom to its original state.

Over time even our most precious antiques will show their age. Details wear away. Stones loosen and can fall out. Even the style of a piece of jewelry can be largely lost to time given the fragile nature of precious metals.

When restoring these pieces, we need a skilled jeweler with knowledge of antique styles. We need someone who has all the modern tools and materials available to do the job. We need a place like Jewelers Workshop.

From custom cuts to replacing center stones, Jewelers Workshop has what you need to restore your jewelry. Get that heirloom ring restored into a new engagement ring, or bring new life to an age old wedding band.

Jewelry Restoration and Repair Services

Jewelry Restoration and Repair Services

Restoring jewelry offers a unique opportunity. We can refresh an older style and make subtle changes to the piece that will give better longevity moving forward. By redoing stone settings we can create a piece that is more secure. By replacing prongs with sturdier modern materials we can make your jewelry better suited for daily wear.

Best of all, these changes can be made with stylistic consistency, so your piece stays authentic.

We offer a wide array of services including:
  • New stone settings
  • Laser welding for even the deepest scratches
  • Recreating matches for lost earrings
  • Engraving renewal
  • Stone replacement
  • Full rebuilds and duplications
  • Reshanking
  • Fixing old botched repairs

Jeweler's Workshop is proud to offer jewelry repair services right here in Madison, Wisconsin. We bring years of jewelry experience and a lifetime of passion for jewelry design and restoration. We invite you to visit us to begin your jewelry restoration project.