Jewelry Finishes for Your Custom Design

Once you've selected your precious metal and your jewelry setting, it's time for the final touch: your jewelry finish. We offer several types of finish to give your precious metals their desired look and texture. Choose between our polishing techniques to enhance your custom design.

High Polish Finish

For a traditional lustrous look, choose a high polished finish. We utilize a polishing wheel to give your custom piece an elegant shine. Our polishing technique creates finished pieces with long-lasting brilliance.

Though all jewelry loses some of its sheen over time, you can always bring your custom pieces into Jewelers Workshop for a refresh. Keep in mind that gold tends to retain its polish much longer than alternative metal choices.

Boulder Finish

If you want a unique texture added to your precious metal, consider a boulder finish. We take your jewelry and texture it by running it against a boulder in our workshop. If you're envisioning a rugged or natural-looking piece, this type of finish offers a perfect rustic touch.

Sandblasted Finish

Sandblasting isn’t just for construction projects. It also adds an attractive finish to your jewelry! The sandblaster abrades metals with coarse material to create a rugged, grainy texture for your piece.

Brushed Finish

A brushed finish is created by carefully scratching very fine, parallel lines into the metal surface of the jewelry with a wire brush or similar tool. The result is a subtly textured finish that still allows for some shine. A brushed finish will also help disguise wear-and-tear from minor scuffs and scratches.

Florentine Finish

The florentine finish is a variation on the brushed finish. Cross hatched lines are etched directly into the metal. This technique’s deeper grooves and dynamic pattern create a well-textured, less reflective surface.

Hammer Finish

A hammer finish is a finishing texture which can be combined with any of the above types of finish. As the name implies, we tap the metal with a small hammer to create an eye-catching pattern of tiny divots and dents. This increasingly popular style can be paired with other finishes for any number of brushed or polished looks.

Choose Your Favorite Jewelry Finish for Your Custom Jewelry

From gemstones to settings, you've worked hard on your custom design--now cap it off with a flawless finish. If you're having a hard time deciding which may be best for your lifestyle and design, our master jewelers will walk you through the best options for your custom jewelry.

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