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The hardest, most popular and versatile gemstone out there. During the 20th Century, the diamond became the standard in engagement rings.


Things have been changing for the better in the diamond industry. De Beers no longer has a monopoly. Canadian mines have taken the lead in more environmentally conscious mining practices, Botswana is leveraging their public/private partnership to benefit their people. Recycled and lab grown diamonds are helping to keep natural prices in check while also making it possible to have a diamond without digging a hole in the ground. 

Jewelers Workshop has worked very hard over the last decade to deepen both it's knowledge and access to diamonds; mined, lab grown and recycled. Jason frequently travels to Antwerp to buy directly from manufactures and along with Linda is on the phone almost every day with diamond producers and merchants from around the world. 

2016 Jewelry: Text
2016 Jewelry: Pro Gallery
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