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October: Opal


The name opal, October's birthstone, is associated with three main sources: Sanskrit (upala, “precious stone”); Greek (Opallios, “to see a change of color”); and Latin (opalus, “seeing jewel”). In some ancient civilizations, opal was said to have fallen from heaven in flashes of lightening, thus producing opal’s fiery color play.

History, for the most part, has been kind to opals with the Ancient Romans calling it the “Queens of Gems,” a symbol of hope and prized second only to emerald; Queen Victoria gave opals as wedding presents while her daughters popularized opals in fashion jewelry; and Napoleon gave Josephine a beautiful opal with brilliant red flashes called “The Burning of Troy.” Opal’s mystical qualities include: being a symbol of hope; opal is linked to invisibility and astral projection; and is able to ward off lightening. Opals can also be given as a gift on a couple’s 14th wedding anniversary.

November: Citrine 


The yellow or orange variety of quartz – it's the November birthstone. Here are some factoids about citrine: It’s an alternate Zodiac stone for Scorpio; Citrine-set jewelry is given as the gemstone gift for the 13th and 17th wedding anniversaries; and, it is associated with the values of hope, cheerfulness, youth, health, and fidelity.

December: Tanzanite 


Tanzanite was discovered in the late 1960s in Tanzania and exhibits a rich violet-blue color for which the gemstone is treasured; often it is heat-treated to achieve this color.  Colors range from blue to purple. Tanzanites that are medium dark in tone, vivid in saturation, and slightly violet blue command premium prices. 


Tanzanites are said to cure stress-related illnesses such as high blood pressure and depression. Tanzanites are also rumored to be helpful for awakening people from comas.


Some say Tanzanite calming stone and is said to enhance composure and harmony. Said to be the perfect gem for workaholics because it helps them calm their overactive minds. 


Tanzanites are ideal for a person who wishes to set themselves apart. These gems symbolize unconventional elegance and individuality.